Haustoria….at the forefront of the new age of what is to be rock, and more broadly, what is to be music for the new age!

Formed in the spring of 2010, still very much a young band, but very much on the way to big things.

Composed of self taught members, Mikhail September on guitar and vocals. Brandon Strydom on bass and Ulrich Jansen, rounding out the trio on drums.

All three members drawing on very different influences, but putting all those different ideas together to create one solid sound that is truly a mesh of styles made into one.

Drawing on influences like Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin of old, to Muse, 30 Seconds To Mars, Coldplay,

Blink-182 of more recent times,to just to name a few.

The band, has through hard work and perseverance, achieved quite a few feats in such a short time, from playing the stage at the CANSA Relay For Life 2012,

to the George Lights Festival 2011 and 2012,playing along side established bands like recent SAMA Winners; Shadowclub,

and got the opportunity to perform at the KKNK 2012 Top 40 Stage, to even composing the official soundtrack for the local short film, A Date With Destiny(2011) by LMTL Entertainment, showcasing the versatility and musicianship of the 3 musicians.

Haustoria performing as opening act for Shadowclub( Photo by Portia Maree) more…

If energy and thumping live sound is what you want, then Haustoria will not dissapoint.

Haustoria at KKNK 2012

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