…tunes to ears…pen to paper…


Chem Lab Files – Log 1

So,  having sat down with a few beers a week ago, we made a decision that its time to get this ball rolling in a direction we wanted it to go, instead of popcorn popping out of an open pot, we’ve come to the conclusion to rather go for a more focused, more purposeful action…

thus,we put on our lab coats, and goin into the “Chem Lab”.

setting drums for tracking

Focused experimentation will be at the order of the day.

Brandon laying down the bass

probably not going to be the easiest of times, since frustration is a part of the package, but we’re willing and able and ready to embark on this new venture!

Mikhail tickling the 6 strings

Think it was at a live performance of Lauryn Hill, where she said; ” I’ve become one of those mad scientists who does the test on themselves first.” and with this new venture, we’ve decided to take a similiar approach to what we do.