The Spin: The xx – Together

This film’s soundtrack is shaping up to be a great one indeed!


The Spin

So saw the news about Muse confirming some more world tour dates( why no South Africa?) in support of ,The 2nd Law, and came across the article of where the names of the support acts for their North American leg, were mentioned and this one name stood out…

Dead Sara…who are they?

So looked them up and ended up being pleasantly surprised with what was found!

check it out, these girls rock!

The Spin


Knowing that we’re huge Blink-182 fans, since they have an immense influence on our sound, this preview of their new EP;

Dogs Eats Dogs, looks set to bring them back to the former glory and the Blink we know and love, don’t get me wrong,

Neighborhoods was good, but one could sense and feel that there was just something missing, but the new EP looks set to rectify that!

Cannot Wait!!

The Spin

About a month or so ago, it was reported that Matt Bellamy of Muse felt that one of the songs of their new album, The 2nd Law, entitled “Supremacy” would’ve been an excellent choice as a theme for the new James Bond movie: Skyfall.

And after giving this version a listen, one would feel entitled to agree!

Although, the Adele version, gets the job done just as well!