Guitar Tracking

Snippit of when we were at Zodiac Recording Studios and it was Mikhail’s turn to lay down the guitar parts for our demo track; “Release”.

Whirlwind session as it was, with minimal equipment, but still ended up working not to shabby!


Trick Or Treat Party

Here’s a little round up of what went down when we performed at the Zanzibar Trick or Treat Party on Halloween!!

Inspite of the shaky start we had to the whole event earlier the day, things still managed to get turned around for the better and we had blast of a time!!

(all photos by Luretha Cronje)

(click here to listen to “Release”)

Big thanks again to everyone who came out to support!!

Poison Of Mine(alternative)

Another bit of a blast from the past;

Thinking back, we decided early that afternoon, to set up the recording equipment and just see what maybe decided to come out of the woodwork.

Trying something a little different from our usual sound, we laid down the drums and the guitar without much of a thought and Brandon later added the minimalistic bass line.

after that we thought..”hmm, what of the lyrics?”

after a bit ins and outs playing idea ping-pong, we fell back to some of our older songs, and checked to see how their lyrics would fit it.

Seems it came out not to shabby(for a demo),

Might just end up performing this one live real soon!