This coming from someone who isn’t a real big fan of soup, have to admit, this particular one very much tickled my fancy.

 the original contents didn’t quite spark any “tastebud-saying-oh yeah-prickling” sensation…but after a guessed amount of ground black pepper was added…well lo and behold, this is some good stuff…enter one of those moments where you wish it didn’t have to get finished so quickly…but lets not go digging for any gluttonous tendencies…


Exposed To The Elements

Equipment all set up, a cut-n-thrust soundcheck, no monitoring and a “grip your bones and ask whats up”-cold wind blasting in your face while trying to put on a decent performance…suppose not the best of days in a band.

Spending 3 quarters of your set sniffing, to try and stop the snot escaping from your nostrils while trying your best to keep in time with the beat as the chilly wind keeps on asking questions of your playing ability!

okay…enough with the drama.

Suppose it wasn’t all bad, since as a band,solo-musician, dancer or any kind of performer, the opportunity to perform live is always a privelage, no matter the elements that are thrown at you, since you do what you love, and get the opportunity to showcase what you love. How can you ask for anything better?

Chem Lab Files – Log 1

So,  having sat down with a few beers a week ago, we made a decision that its time to get this ball rolling in a direction we wanted it to go, instead of popcorn popping out of an open pot, we’ve come to the conclusion to rather go for a more focused, more purposeful action…

thus,we put on our lab coats, and goin into the “Chem Lab”.

setting drums for tracking

Focused experimentation will be at the order of the day.

Brandon laying down the bass

probably not going to be the easiest of times, since frustration is a part of the package, but we’re willing and able and ready to embark on this new venture!

Mikhail tickling the 6 strings

Think it was at a live performance of Lauryn Hill, where she said; ” I’ve become one of those mad scientists who does the test on themselves first.” and with this new venture, we’ve decided to take a similiar approach to what we do.


Seems for the past couple of years has seen a rise in somewhat of an 80’s resurgence/revival in music, reminds me of that advert, think it was  about some bank a few years back, where they actually mention everything’ll be going retro,( and that was said probably more then 10 years ago…suddenly feeling old), and it seems to be ringing true! how strange, wouldn’t you agree?

But the funny thing is, that it actually seems to work! as proven in the youtube link of the band, Chromatics, below.

winds of change

So we’ve already reached the end of the first week of September, damn time is going by fast!!

But suppose with the progression of time, change is inevitable, we can certainly testify to that!

Recent times has seen a lot of decisions being made and ideas being thrown around and where it all comes to a point where;  something works, some things don’t work and some things are gonna be experimented with!

So with that being said, here on this first proper spring day of 2012, let the winds of change pass on through!