The Spin

So saw the news about Muse confirming some more world tour dates( why no South Africa?) in support of ,The 2nd Law, and came across the article of where the names of the support acts for their North American leg, were mentioned and this one name stood out…

Dead Sara…who are they?

So looked them up and ended up being pleasantly surprised with what was found!

check it out, these girls rock!

Rise Again

Yes it is the 2nd week of 2013 past already, time to get back into it.

Had a pretty good holiday?

Gone are the days of holiday overeating and doing the absolute mininmum, time to rise again.

2013 holds alot in store, exciting and nerve raking not knowing what will be coming our way, we hope to have you right here with us and all the best for you all too!! 

So watch this space, ’cause this 2013 is gonna be a humdinger!!(always wanted to use that word)